Monday, November 25, 2013

Making the most of the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas (at least 21 of them)

This year there are 26 days in between Thanksgiving and New Years.

holiday weight loss, avoiding holiday weight gain26 days between two different events that can be a nightmare if you are trying your best to eat healthy
and make the best choices. There is something about wine, gravy and sprinkle cookies that make me want to just throw it all out the window.

And that doesn't even take into account all the celebrations in between. Work parties, extended family parties that are scheduled early so the maximum amount of people can be there, parties with is so easy to have every weekend fully booked in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Or even between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Dear Santa, what I would like for Christmas this year is not to gain weight.

So this is how I am going to arm myself to have a totally healthy holiday season (and still enjoy all the family, friends, and fun Christmas themed cocktails that are available) and rock the little black dress I haven't worn in 4 years for New Year's Eve.

I am going to do a 21 day Holiday Shred.

Here is how it would work:

For 21 days I would put you in a closed Facebook group with others trying to achieve the same goal (including me! yay!) We will talk about clean eating, meal preparation, meal planning and everything you need to get set up for success. We will measure progress by not just using the scale but by measurements and photos (I know. Super scary but when you think you aren't making any progress it is amazing to see what you actually done in the photos. Believe me. I've been there!) Because this challenge is so short we will do this at the start of the challenge and again on day 21. 
holiday weight gain, holiday weight loss challenge
We will post daily in the group and rate our day on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. We will rate our diet and our exercise (basically how hard you brought it!) and whether or not we had our Shakeology.

We will commit to trying out Shakeology for the duration of the challenge. I know once I did it, I fell in love with the energy I had and how great I felt.  (*Side note* my nails look awesome. Better than when I was on prenatal vitamins. It is my current obsession since I have struggled with weak and peeling nails forever! One of the perks I didn't know I was going to get.) So Shakeology is going to fuel your body (key word fuel) with the vitamins and nutrients you need throughout the day. And there is a 30 day guarantee on Shakeology so if it isn't working for you, we'll talk (and you get your money back.) --For more on my experience Shakeology read this.

We will eat clean. (For more info on what that means read this.) But basically just strive to eat real, whole food. No chemicals and no processed food. I will provide you with recipe ideas, meal planning and all the tools that have worked so far for me on this journey.

We will also commit to working out 5-6 days a week. I don't care if you run, walk or lift. Just get that body moving! If you already workout regularly think about stepping up your game. Adding some weight training to your cardio. If you don't have an exercise regimen we can talk about options. If you are interested in trying a Beachbody program, we can talk about that too and get you set up with something that totally works for you. There are so many options outside of P90x and Insanity (which I feel gets all the love) so if hard core intensity isn't for you, we can totally find something that is. I am currently doing a combination of Chalene Extreme and TurboFire and am in LOVE with with both. TurboFire really gives my inner cheerleader some much needed attention. And Chalene Extreme makes me feel super strong and like a total bad a$$ -- because that is what lifting weights does to me. I have found success with the at home programs from BeachBody because they are a killer workout and they all come with a schedule. So I can wake up, get my toddler some breakfast and toss in a movie, look at the schedule, pop in a DVD and press play. I don't have to worry about getting her ready to go to the gym with me or what series of exercises I am going to do that day. I know me and I need that schedule. I get really freaked out if I am going to miss a day and "mess up" the schedule or the order. But whatever works for you, we will make it happen.

Plus I will give you daily motivation, tips and tricks and share all the research I have accrued over the last few months.

But there are so many parties and it will be so hard....

Yes. Parties are hard to navigate. I have always had the fear of missing out on food and wanting to make sure I get to taste everything. I mean what if I miss the very best thing at this party? What if I never get to have it ever again? 

The goal of doing this is not avoiding temptation and saying no to every party invitation that comes in the mail this year. It is about learning how to navigate those situations so you still get to enjoy everything about the holidays. (Because isn't the point really about seeing friends and family and not so much about eating so many cookies it would put Santa to shame?) We will talk about dealing with the hustle and bustle -- some of the best ways to deal with having so much to do and so many places to go that it makes the entire holiday season just seem like a whirlwind (and makes me just want to lay on the couch to take a nap!) 

But there is something so nice about having a group of people with a common goal to help get you though it. There will be bad days and bad choices but you always have somewhere to come back to that gets you right back on the wagon. 

Taking it up a notch....

I am also going to kick it up a notch by starting my 21 day shred with a Shakeology cleanse. This is not required for the group but it is something I have found to really start things off strong. It totally gives me the motivation to bring it for the duration of the challenge. (And after the four Thanksgiving dinners I have to eat this year, it is something I really need to do.) For more info on the cleanse read this or for my first cleanse experience you can click here. If you are interested in the cleanse (and only the cleanse) give me a shout. I have cleanse kits available that come with instructions and all the Shakeology you need. 

So how do I make this happen?

This is going to kick off December 2nd -- the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

Enrollment is open now. Send me a message or an email to with any questions or to get signed up! 

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