Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Giving back in November - What I plan to do about it

Oh November. The month that the sales world thinks is December. The month that only gets a week where we acknowledge it with a big old turkey and a pumpkin pie and some fake leaves scattered across the table for decoration. It holds the holiday that we only decorate for if we are hosting it, otherwise we get a jump on the decorating for Christmas.

I always loved Thanksgiving. I loved going out on Turkey Eve and waking up slightly hung over to an awesome dinner -- that I could continue to eat all day long. I loved watching the parade in my jammies while the house filled with the smell of that dinner. I loved waiting for the rest of my family to get there only to spend the day laying around, playing cards or hanging out with my relatives.

Things have changed a lot. Now I have to cook. Turkey Eve takes on a whole new meaning (going to bed at the same time as my toddler so I can wake up to get food in the oven.) Working out a tight oven schedule so that everything gets cooked and served warm. It is all exhausting. And as I sit here worried about the stress of it all, there are families all over who are stressing for a completely different reason. They are stressing about being able to feed their families. And it breaks my heart.

We are plagued, like many others in my generation, by the onslaught of student loan payments and other things. But I am blessed in that I have never had to worry about putting food on the table for my child. There was a time that I had to make tough choices. I was going to school full time, working retail (as many hours as they could give me) and had weeks that I spent every last penny I had. I remember having to search the back of the cupboard to eat what I could find until pay day. And I was fortunate I had those old cans of soup or whatnot to find (and my roommates snacks to steal) until payday.

Maybe it was because I remember that feeling that this article touched my heart so much. I never had to Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Challenge and I am eager to be a part of it.
ask for assistance (I hated even the thought of asking for help from family -- I am so stubborn) and I can't imagine what it would even be like to be in that situation. The pride swallowing, the emotions that go with it. But through this article, I found the

So this is what I decided to do --

For every challenge pack purchased from me November 1st through Thanksgiving, I will sponsor a family through the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Challenge.

What is a challenge pack?

It is a bundle put together through Beachbody that gives you a 30 day supply of Shakeology, a workout program, a 30 trial of the club membership and access to my challenge groups, coaching, meal planning and support.

So you get all the tools you need to succeed and meet your goals before the New Year and a family gets a Thanksgiving dinner. Win. Win.


Since I have made my pledge to give back in November, Beachbody has announced it's monthly deals and plans for November as well. It seems as if I am in good company -- so not only am I giving back by helping to feed a family this month, Beachbody is too. For every Challenge Pack, they are giving back $20 and for every Shakeology Home Direct order they are giving back $10.

Plus when you order a challenge pack, they are giving you a $20 coupon back to use towards a future purchase of $30 or more (which is so easy to do.... )

My next challenge starts November 11th.

Message or email me at scyobe@gmail.com for more details. And check out the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Challenge for more information or to donate!

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