Tuesday, September 16, 2014

21 Days, Happy September and Happy Birthday to Me!

September has always been kind of a big deal in my house.

The end of summer. The start of a new school year (including new school supplies!) AND it's my birthday month. Yay!

The number 21 is also kind of awesome. Not only is it my birthday day but it has been instilled in my head by many of the bosses I have had that it takes 21 days to make a habit. 21 days....3 weeks...to the breaking of old habits and the starting of bright and shiny new ones. I don't know if I necessarily agree with that mantra but I do know that awesome things can happen in 21 days.

In March, we launched a little program called the 21 Day Fix. It kind of exploded. It was the program everyone seemed to want to get their hands on and for good reason.

And imagine my excitement when I found out it is on sale for the month of September.

Because it isn't just a workout program. It is a foolproof nutrition program. Portion sized containers. No measuring. No counting calories. If it fits in the container, you eat it. Easy.  (For more info on the 21 Day Fix click here.) The containers. I LOVE the containers.

So to celebrate this month and this awesome program I am going to be hosting a brand new health and fitness accountability group starting September 29th.

PLUS if you sign up with me as your free coach this month you will be entered to win one of my favorite, super awesome, can't live without it, 30 day supply of awesomeness. And yes it is that good.

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