Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Doubting Spouse and Shakeology (and how I knew I was right the whole time)

shakeology, weight loss, shakeology transformation, clean eating, eat real foodI have a pretty awesome husband (don't tell him I said that though... he will never let me live it down! Haha!) around last year at this time he knew I was unhappy. He knew I was struggling with being a stay at home mom, his travel schedule and my weight. So when I bought Insanity and then a few weeks later decided to join a challenge group, he didn't bat an eye (other than to say that I better stick with it.) When he found out that Shakeology was a requirement for the group and what the price point was, he gave me a look and said that I really better stick with it and if it really delivers on all of it's promises then it would be worth it (which I am pretty sure he said to appease me). He knew I needed a change, that I needed something. And it was that decision that has lead me to where I am right now.

Now for him, it took a little longer. He knew I was getting results, working my booty off, eating right and attributing my new Shakeology addiction for the decrease in my stomach problems and asthma symptoms. He really didn't get on board until late July, very late July, like the last few days of July late. Once he started to notice the benefits, he really and truly became my biggest fan (not that he wasn't already, I just think he was sick of hearing me talk about how much I loved everything about what I was doing.) Even now, he won't more than a day or two without a shake. He can feel the difference in his energy levels. It has also reduced his cravings and reduced that mid-afternoon crash he used to get everyday.  For both of us it has aided in weight loss but even more than that it has kept us from getting sick as often. John has lost about 25 pounds. Like many of us, his weight would fluctuate but stay around a certain number, relatively speaking. Now that number is about 15 pounds lower continually. All of this without any added exercise (even though I harp on him about that too. I am really pushing to get him on the P90X3 bandwagon -- I mean 30 minutes, he can totally do that!)

shakeology, weight loss, shakeology transformation, clean eating, eat real food

The pictures above and below were taken over a year apart. The reality was that we both were not really all about jumping in front of the camera. But I was that size until I started with Insanity in March of 2013. I just avoided cameras. That may be one of the only family pictures of us from that year. (And how sad is that. Avoiding taking pictures with my daughter because I was unhappy with myself. I am so glad I have learned that lesson and moved forward!) In the picture on the left, I had been on Shakeology for about 6 months and had completed Insanity and Turbofire. John on the other hand had been on Shakeology about 3 months and hadn't added any exercise to his life. (Figures! Men. Sometimes I swear if they breathe differently they lose weight while us ladies are shedding blood, sweat and tears!)

shakeology, weight loss, shakeology transformation, clean eating, eat real food

For more information on Shakeology and to hear more about my experience click here. (And trust me it is not all puppies dancing through rainbows.) And always if I can help in anyway please don't hesitate to contact me.

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