Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Setting Goals for the New Year (Dream Big!)

It is that time of year again. The time to look back and look forward. The time to take the past year and celebrate your highs and (hopefully) learn from your mistakes. To look at the brand new start right in front of us and make plans. Resolutions. Goals. Whatever you want to call them they have the same intention....to make the brand new year count for something. And who doesn't want the new year to count for something. There are a full 365 days ahead of us that are going to pass regardless of what we choose to do with them and we can either make them work for us or against us.

So here how I am going about setting goals for the new year.
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First I am asking myself four questions. And they pretty much go hand in hand....My priorities are going to be defined by who I am and what I value. And what I value is going to be determined by what I am defined by but I am going to give it a shot. So here it goes....

Who am I?

This is a really hard question to answer. I used to answer it with my profession....I was a an English major, then a retail manager then a teacher. Now I am a mom. But there is so much more to this question than just what I do. I am stubborn. I am a perfectionist. I like to have fun if something isn't' fun I don't want to do it. I like pretty things....sparkly makeup, art, fancy shoes, sassy dresses and books. Lots and lots of books. Antique books especially. Empty walls are for bookshelves. I also love photography. I am a hard worker and loyal to a fault. So does all of that define who I am? I am sure there is more or maybe there should be less. Maybe the answer should be simpler. (So I am clearly still working on this one.)

What am I defined by?

(This is so much harder than I thought....) I am defined by the roles I have in life and the moral code by which I operate. I am a Christian. I teach a youth Bible study so that defines me. I am a high school cheerleading coach. I have high expectations for my kids and myself. I like pretty things so first impressions, the maintenance of my home and the way my house is kept is important to me. I want these things to be at their best. I want to give the best possible impression (although this doesn't' always happen, especially with a two year old running amuck. I would say my standards have dropped quite a bit!)

What do I value?

I value my family. My faith. My health. The health and wellness of all my loved ones. I value quality over quantity. I value education. I value my freedom (especially to read what I choose.)

What are my priorities (and in what order?)

Faith. Family and Friends. Health and wellness.

Making Specific Goals: 

Now for making specific goals. This is the method I am going to follow. Chalene Johnson (one of my
favorite trainers) always talks about making S.M.A.R.T. goals:

When you are making your goals they should follow this format. So saying you are going to get in shape doesn't work but saying you are going to lose 5 lbs a month for the next 6 months or that you will fit into your high school jeans by June (as long as that is realistic and attainable) would fit those parameters.

You may also want to give yourself a push goal which is the big picture goal....the one that will help you achieve all your other goals. So if your goal list for 2014 looks something like -- taking a vacation, moving into your dream home, taking your kids to Disney world, getting a new car etc. Then your push goal might be to get a promotion or make more sales so you can make all of those things happen (or something like that.)

Or if your goals include spending more time with your family, less time being distracted by technology, getting you and your family healthy, maybe your Push Goal is to find a different job that will allow you that freedom. You get the idea. The Push goal is the big scary goal that makes all of your priorities and values line up where you want them to be.

Set smaller specific goals:

Each month or week or day set small goals that will help you accomplish your bigger goals. Break it down. Make it smaller. Little steps add up to long distances and are much more attainable than big leaps. They may not seem like much alone but when you put them all together, that's where the magic happens.
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So your big goal is to get healthy and lose 25 lbs by losing 5 lbs a month until June? Your weekly goals could be working out 5x a week, adding an extra mile to your run every other week or upping the weight you are able to lift. You can update these goals all the time to fit where you are and what you want to accomplish. They should be fluid, not written in stone.

These are the steps I am using to try to make the most of 2014.

Happy goal setting and Happy New Year!

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