Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I sucked it up and joined a challenge group (And now have to put my foot in my mouth)

What the heck is a challenge group?

Typically that is what I hear (peppered with a tone that reads "you are the mayor of crazytown") when I tell people what I have been up to and involved in the last two months. And a few months ago I would have been the one to roll my eyes and and mock the entire thing. Repeatedly. Because honestly, how are a group of strangers on the internet really going to help me? I have friends. I don't need pretend ones online. How in the hell would this give me any type of accountability or motivation?

But I had been watching some old friends on my Facebook feed talk about these groups and their successes and I reached a point where I figured I had nothing to lose (and yes, I was desperate.) I was working out and counting calories with no changes happening. I was frustrated and angry and decided to put my foot in my mouth when I found that I was indeed wrong about the entire thing.
(And I kept the fact that I joined group a secret for probably a month because I don't like to be wrong. Ever. Ask my husband.)

I sent an email to my friend Katy and asked her if she had any room left in a group she was starting. I didn't really know what I was getting into or what the rules were. Just that she was going to put me into a closed group on Facebook with a bunch of strangers. (And to be honest, I didn't even know what a closed group was. I kept checking my wall to make sure my group posts weren't there for all to see.)

So here are some basics:

A challenge group is a closed group on Facebook. It is either 30, 60 or 90 days. You commit to this group and in doing so commit to trying Shakeology, commit to checking in every day and in some groups commit to doing a fitness program or working out in some way.

When you check in every day you rate your day on 1-5 for your diet, your workout and a yes or no if you had your Shakeology that day.

Some groups are really specific, that all members are completing a certain program together (think Insanity) and are there to complain about Shawn T and pull each other through when you really just don't think you can look at his face anymore.

Some groups are only for clean eating and everyone shares recipes and tips and tricks.

Some groups are super flexible and allow you to do whatever workout you want as long as you workout.

They are all the same in that you participate, set some goals and make it happen.

There were some times I fell off the wagon. Where it would have been easier to quit and not workout and to eat some cake. (Yay cake!) But being in a group like this made me feel like I had to keep going. (Honestly, I probably wouldn't have finished Insanity if it wasn't for my group. After moving across the country and missing 5 days I was so ready to just throw in the towel. But I knew they would know if I quit.) And I enjoyed seeing what everyone was posting and what they were doing. And all the crazies working out 2 times a day made me want to push more.  I was not going to let some stranger get better results than I was. There were times that knowing I would have to post changed what I put in my mouth. If I had pizza for dinner it was totally going to make my food intake for the day go from a 5 to a 3. I know it sounds silly. I really thought so too until I was involved. I mean who would be the wiser if I lied. But if I lied, I would only be cheating myself. And haven't I done that enough already?

So my advice is to get over yourself and join a challenge group. What do you have to lose?

**I am ready to share the love and have new challenge groups starting all the time. Message me for details!

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